Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

10395 Chumstick Hwy

Leavenworth , WA 98826

Phone: (509) 885-3021

Rating: 4.8


Leavenworth Reindeer Farm in Central Washington

Create cherished memories with your loved ones at the family-run reindeer farm located in the majestic foothills of the Cascade Mountains, a mere mile from Leavenworth’s Bavarian Village. Their interactive and educational tours deliver an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

Come and be a part of this extraordinary experience, where you get to hand-feed, interact with and appreciate the magical creatures that are protected species – Reindeer! Sit around the campfire and gain knowledge about why reindeers have become one of our planet’s most beloved animals. Take shed antlers into your hands as if they were gifts from Santa himself, climb inside his sleigh too! Soon enough we will all witness an even higher level of enchantment when West Coast’s largest geodesic projection dome is built (coming Early 2023) to feature Northern Lights shows.

Christmas Events

Come and experience the Reindeer Farm in Leavenworth, Washington as they host special Christmas events like no other! Every year, visitors get to meet and greet the beloved characters from Disney’s Frozen movie – Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Sven. And what would a Farm’s Christmas event be without a festive campfire, hand-feeding the reindeer, interactive and educational tours? You can also take shed antlers into your hands as if they were gifts from Santa himself and climb inside his sleigh!


Reviews of the Reindeer Farm in Leavenworth

“The reindeer farm was such a fun activity. Visitation is by ticketed time slots. There is an area with benches and a fire pit. This is where they give you a history of the farm. It was interesting how the farm was started and now run. They also give you a safety speech detailing how to feed the reindeer. This includes what to do once your cup of food is gone. We felt completely safe being in the fenced area with the reindeer. There were numerous employees also in the pen keeping a watchful eye on everyone. The reindeer come right up to you and eat the food so gently from the palm of your hand. You must watch out for their antlers so you don’t get hit in the face. We had a great time and I would highly recommend to all age groups.”


“Great experience! Love the tour, the education portion — wow!! Learned so much about reindeer. The staff is super kind. Would recommend a oat milk toasted marshmallow hot cocoa from the cafe! And if you can, definitely book the tickets so you can go INSIDE to the reindeer exhibit. Overall great experience – safe and exciting for kids too!”

Kailey Andres

“I never knew reindeer could be so fascinating!! I was expecting a tacky little farm but I got a sophisticated science lesson instead surrounded by an amazing staff and a simply lovely gift shop. A word of warning though, I would not recommend this activity for small children. (Our kids are 10 and 13 and they really enjoyed their experience.) Due to safety concerns, there’s no running allowed, you can’t hug the reindeer (even though they’re super fuzzy and cuddly!) and you can only pet certain ones with permission. The staff do an amazing job of explaining these rules multiple times, but we still saw parents who simply ignored these instructions and put their children in harm’s way, just for the sake of getting a selfie. If your kids are small, either wait till they can understand safety concerns or be prepared to hold them in your arms the whole time. Lastly, I can’t say enough about how impressive the staff are!! They communicate calmly and clearly, they work extraordinarily well together, and they manage to control groups of sometimes very unruly adults and children. Good work and well done to all the staff! We had a blast!!”



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