Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

735 Front St

Leavenworth , WA 98826

Phone: (509) 548-4573

Rating: 4.5


Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum on Front Street, Leavenworth, WA

Journey to Leavenworth and indulge in the world’s only Nutcracker Museum filled with over 9000 nutcrackers from over 50 countries. People have flocked here from all states of America, every province in Canada, plus international travelers hailing from more than 100 nations – making up a collective 30,000 annual visitors who can’t resist this captivating collection!

All visitors, from boisterous toddlers to refined world travelers alike, are delighted by something special in the museum. Indian guests will be astounded at our larger than life betel cutter display while collectors of German wooden nutcracker soldiers can revel in Nutcracker Heaven as they peruse over 50 different makers both current and past. Whether it’s a giggle or gasp of admiration, you’ll find something precious here that cannot be found anywhere else. The mechanically inclined will be enthralled with the countless patented mechanisms crafted to crack open pecans, a nut endemic only to America. Meanwhile, archeology buffs can observe how indigenous people utilized “nutting stones” for this same purpose centuries ago.

Location of the Nutcracker Museum


“We didn’t get to tour the whole museum due to walking in 15 minutes before closing but the gift shop was great! The worker (I’m thinking owner or manager) was fantastic & very insightful! We definitely hope to go back to see ALL the nutcrackers! Till then we bought some “paint your own” nutcracker kits to do at home as a memory!”

Mersadies Pringle

“This Nutcracker Museum is in the Guinness World Book of Records for the number of nutcrackers .
Has Amazing collection of the nutcrackers in various shapes and sizes from around the world and from different time periods of the history .Some are from the 15 th century – a lot to history to see and learn .”

Rahul B


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